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If you want to develop refine attitude and elegant social behavior, then you need to learn Spanish etiquette that is natural among ladies and gentlemen of Spain. For centuries, Spanish ladies and gentlemen have shown their breeding and proven that they are among the finest peoples in Europe. Even Henry VII of the English Tudor Dynasty acknowledged Spain's supremacy in terms of fineness in character. Though centuries have passed, acting in Spanish fashion is a very glamorous and well-bred behavior. If you believe that acquiring the Spanish protocol will help improve your character, here are some tips to help you get going.

1. Learn Spanish History - Visit A Library

You may find reading boring, but researching the background of Spain, especially the Spanish royals, can help you get the feel of "royal grace." You need not finish a course in Spanish to know the basics that can help you with your lessons.

2. Visit Spanish Museums - Learn Spanish Culture through Its Heritage

If the idea of going to the library does not appeal to you, you can instead go on a trip to the local Spanish museum in your area. Spain has become a world power a few centuries back, and it is possible to find Spanish heritage in almost any area in the world. Go to the museum and hire a guide that can explain to you the details of the artifacts you are visiting.

3. Learn that Refine Character - Hire a Spanish Personality Development Coach

Here comes the learning part! Hire an etiquette tutor who can regularly visit you to give you lessons in your home. The topics would include simple things such as standing properly, sitting down, rising from a seat, going down the stairs, etc. However, the course will also touch on more elaborate topics such as table etiquette, proper ways of speaking, etc.

4. Learn Spanish Dance - Move Your Feet As You Do the Salsa

Some tutors work with Spanish dancers to help ladies and gentlemen to learn the Salsa as well. The salsa is a much known Spanish dance that is appreciated by viewers because of its grace. Spanish aristocrats know how to dance the salsa, so you should learn that too! If in case, your tutor does not have a salsa dance partner, you can easily enroll yourself to any dance center in your area. Salsa is very well known that many dance instructors can teach it.

5. Learn Spanish - Feel Like A Real Spanish Aristocrat

Although learning Spanish is not a part of Spanish etiquette, being knowledgeable of how to speak Spanish can give you the ultimate feel of being a Spanish nobleman. Knowing how to speak Spanish lets you display your prowess about other cultures. Many will be fascinated with your fine grace and eloquent tongue.
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How To Learn Spanish

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    - 2010/11/03 20:36:56 pm

    Interesting post. I believe that if you really have the will to learn a new language, you can truly achieve it. Right now I’m learning to speak Spanish through the Transparent Spanish software… and so far so good…

This article was published on 2010/11/02